Student loans

Student loans, debt forgiveness and chumps

June 14, 2022 3:08 p.m. ET

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks at a student loan forgiveness rally near the White House on April 27.


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Regarding Blake Hurst’s op-ed “Student Debt Forgiveness Makes My Grandson an Idiot” (June 9): He’s got company. I too am an asshole. I did not want my three children to graduate from college burdened with debt. So for six years I worked two jobs and worked all the overtime I could, as did my wife.

No posh vacations, no high-end restaurants, let alone a new car to replace our clunker. We also dipped deep into our retirement savings. My question to Senator Elizabeth Warren and President Biden is, how am I going to be healed? Or am I just another idiot? From now on, the money from my taxes will be used to pay off the debt contracted by others.

Jack Adler

Township of Monroe, New Jersey

Mr Hurst is right to be angry that his hardworking grandson Aaron is being played for a fool. But that doesn’t make it one. I worked at university as a janitor, and my winter and summer holidays gave me 60 hours of work per week. I was grateful for any job in the 70s, and most of it was dirty work.

One thing I can say to Aaron: progressives might want to treat their favorite bands like unfortunate victims, and some of them will play the part, but those are the real idiots. It is much better that you have earned and maintained your self-esteem.

Tom O’Hare

Charlestown, RI

Mr. Hurst demonstrates a good understanding of inflation when he alludes to upward pressure proportional to the amount of student debt forgiveness. Maybe we should switch jobs and put Mr. Hurst, the farmer from Missouri, in the treasury, and secretary Janet Yellen, uh, on the hook.

Philip Roth

Evanston, Ill.

Was the irony intentional in publishing a corn and soybean farmer lamenting the consequences of the government picking winners and losers?

Hayley Logan


Why was there no talk of giving taxpayers something in exchange for canceling student loans? Give students the choice: repay the loan or provide community service hours of equal value. Something like a minimum of 150 volunteer hours a year, worth $50 an hour, could go a long way to improving communities and the living conditions of those less fortunate.

Bill Edit

Yorba Linda, California.

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