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Student record company making melodies with the inaugural album | Culture

Go 1st Records, a student-run record label, will release their debut compilation album for the public.

The album is slated for release in March and will be available on most major streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Grace Campbell, a freshman in publicity and public relations, will launch her new song, “Who Did You Fall in Love with Now”, on the album.

“It’s really, really exciting for me because I’m like, ‘I hear a professional studio song, everything has to be put together, I can do a cover and the others can hear it,’ so [it’s] exciting for sure, ”said Campbell.

Campbell also explained the process of writing her music, especially her latest love song.

“This song has a special place in my heart because it’s a little different from other songs I’ve written,” Campbell said. “The process for this was trying to make fun of love songs but also say they’re that beautiful. I’m just going to sit down and think ‘that sounds great on the guitar’, and the lyrics usually flow a lot. “

Campbell is one of eight artists who will feature on the record’s compilation album. Each artist incorporates a different style or genre of music into their songs.

Campbell said her music fell under the Indie category and that she wrote it based on her life experiences.

“I usually base myself on what’s going on emotionally, whether it’s in the world or in my life,” Campbell said. “After a breakup you write an angry breakup song, and when you have a crush on someone you write a cute little love song, but genre-wise, probably Indie.”

Tiffany Bunn, a sophomore music industry student and project and music manager who oversees the album, explained how it formed.

“In October we started recording and it went until November, December, during the winter break and now we have finished recording,” Bunn said. “The recording is done entirely by the students; they can set up the studio, they learn to mix.

Although the album is slated for March, there is no exact date. According to Bunn, COVID-19 was a variable that could affect the exact timing of the album’s release.

“COVID has definitely made a big difference for us; although one thing we had for ourselves was that we were mostly operating online anyway, ”Bunn said. “Another challenge COVID has posed for us are the live shows. We normally try to have our artists as many shows as possible in the area in order to promote this, so most of our artists have been doing live broadcasts on YouTube, Twitch, or Instagram.

To learn more about Go 1st Records and its artists, visit their website.