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Student safety remains a priority at Glenwood

The FIGHT AGAINST CRIME measures yielded positive results at Manor Gardens, where students were targeted by criminals and opportunists. That’s according to Janus Horn, Vice President of Sector 1 of the Mayville Community Policing Forum (CPF).

“We have installed over 80 cameras throughout Manor Gardens, including license plate recognition cameras. We have cameras at every entry and exit point to the area. Crime rates have dropped dramatically – around 70%. Over the past six months, there have been, on average, 12 to 18 reported crime cases per month. That’s down from 70 to 100 cases a month before,” Horn said.

He added that the reduction in crime has been achieved through a partnership between SAPS, CPF and private actors, including security companies.

Howard College at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) is a large campus, stretching from the corner of Lamont and Mazisi Kunene Roads to Rick Turner Road, with multiple entrance gates. Student accommodation is spread across campus and in the Manor Gardens and Glenwood area. Crime prevention education has also helped reduce crime rates, as students are often targeted when walking to and from college.

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“Every student is given a laptop and a cellphone for their studies – they are targeted. They are often stolen on the roads. We advised them not to walk around with visible laptops or cellphones,” Horn said.

He added that student houses are also targeted.

“A lot of the time when students throw a party on a Saturday, they’ll be robbed on Sunday – it’s likely that a guest will come to the party and see the TV or other valuables in the house,” said Horn.

Umbilo SAPS spokesman Captain Phumzile Makaula confirmed that students have been targeted in the area, with pedestrian theft being the most prevalent crime. Makaula added that crime rates have dropped over the past month.

Janus Horn, Vice President of the Mayville Community Policing Forum (CPF) Sector 1.

Safety tips for students

Commenting on the matter, UKZN Executive Director: Corporate Relations Normah Zondo said student safety is a high priority for the university.

“Crime is a reality that all South Africans face, and the university is no exception. The university management makes every effort to create a safe and secure environment for all its students and staff. Limited resources prevent us from securing areas outside of our campuses. The university has enhanced the capacity of Risk Management Services (RMS) by securing the services of a private security company,” she said.

Zondo listed several security measures currently in place. These include a strong link between the RMS, SAPS and Metro Police; increased CCTV surveillance on campus; strict access control at entrances and exits to gates and buildings, and frequent security patrols, especially in areas identified as crime hotspots.

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“The University’s Risk Management Department conducts security awareness campaigns during student orientation and again in the second semester. Safety messages are posted on the university’s notification system,” Zondo said.

Zondo shared the following safety tips. Students are advised to:

– Be vigilant about your personal belongings and your environment;
– always walk in a group when venturing off campus;
– make sure that valuables such as mobile phones and laptops are not visible on you.

“Students are encouraged to report safety concerns to Risk Management departments located on our five campuses,” Zondo added.

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