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Students study in libraries fueled by the ‘warm glow of knowledge’ to save on heating costs – The Oxford Student

RADCLIFFE CAMERA – Several Oxford colleges have come under fire for asking students to study in libraries to save on heating, amid rising living costs.

Citing the greater efficiency of bringing students together in one building, Vice-Chancellor Richard Dickson defended the policy, explaining that Oxford’s libraries uniquely provide the “warm glow of knowledge”.

“Being surrounded by towering tomes and dusty bookshelves gives you an added appreciation of the university’s academic vigor,” Dickson said, adding that he hopes sharing study spaces will spark “heated debates ” among the students on the subject. Dickson also argued that it would help release the “burning passion” espoused in many personal statements.

It would also have the added benefit of saving on heating costs, crucial for a university with an endowment of well over £1billion.

This decision has disappointed many students, who see it as a lack of adequate consideration of the impact of inflation. One student organization in particular, the Advocates for Remote Studying – Oxford Network (ARSON), reportedly drafted several proposals which they planned to submit to the university administration. If the colleges did not react, the group was ready to “take matters into [their] own hands”.

In response to this statement, the Vice-Chancellor was not available for comment. Reliable eyewitnesses say he was enjoying the comforting warmth of scholarly pursuits in his 22 degree Celsius office, unaware of the simmering tensions.

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