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TCU student Jack Elliott was shoved to death by his girlfriend Delaney Brennan, who later got a tattoo to gain sympathy

Know who Delaney Brennan is, the girlfriend of TCU Jack Elliott responsible for his death

A girl accused of pushing a Texas College student named Jack Elliott into the water while the duo flirted on a boat in 2019 has now revealed she had Jack’s initials tattooed on her wrists .

According to her, she got a tattoo after the tragedy to remember how much Jack loved life.

TCU student Jack Elliott was shoved to death by his girlfriend Delaney Brennan, who later got his initials tattooed to gain sympathy

Five Texas students, including Delaney Brennan, are currently facing criminal charges in connection with the 2019 death of a Texas Christian University freshman, among others. Delaney would be accused of pushing Elliott.

The incident took place in October 2018 at Waters Lake Travis, which is a man-made lake, northwest of Austin. Jack is said to have died after being pushed into the lake by Delaney.

Apparently Delaney and the 19-year-old were ‘kissing’ when she gave him a ‘playful push’ which caused him to fall off the boat before hitting a propeller and drowning in the water that that evening.

However, the teenager on the boat at the time allegedly tried to hide the truth by lying to authorities. They pleaded ignorance to Jack’s family and threw their liquor bottles over the side of the boat.

Delaney Brennan, now 21, is a fashion student. In a statement, she said she had Jack’s initials tattooed on her wrists.

In her own words, she said: “I did this because I always wanted to have something to remember him by.

She later posted on social media saying, “I’m still upset about this and my parents are here with me now, but we don’t know much yet. I just feel guilty…and I don’t think so. I’ve never been so sad. I was the last person to touch him.”

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed by Jack’s family in 2020 which revealed the real incident. In a sworn statement, another teenage girl on board named Elle Weber said, “Delaney and Jack were at the front of the boat, flirting and kissing.

She gave Jack a “playful little push” and he fell off the boat. Another teenager who was also on board said, “He fell! I didn’t want to push him.”

Delaney is now one of 5 students facing criminal charges. However, she was summoned on a felony charge of tampering with evidence by assisting in the deletion of a cellphone video.

Delaney could have ended up in jail for about 10 years and fined $10,000. She will appear for trial in Travis County Criminal Court on August 17.

What exactly happened?

On the day of the tragic incident, 12 university students were drinking and wakeboarding. Although the circumstances surrounding Jack’s death remained a mystery until Weber admitted months after the incident that she hadn’t told the full story to the police.

According to police records, missing, “The teens hatched a plan to hide the truth from authorities and even Jack’s family in Newport Beach.” Jack’s corpse was recovered after 10 days, over 100 feet below the surface.

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