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Teacher accused of sex with Toppenish student caught in California

Cerna captured in California (Yakima County Crimestoppers)

Cerna captured in California (Yakima County Crimestoppers)

According to information released by the Yakima County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer, a teacher wanted for alleged student misconduct has been arrested in California but is resisting extradition.

Teacher captured in CA could post bail

Bertha Adriana Cerna, 40, was arrested in California, according to information released by YCSO’s Casy Schilperoot. Although the circumstances of his arrest are not yet known, it was somewhere in Orange County, California.

The YCSO says she is resisting extradition and could post $50,000 bond. She is scheduled for a hearing where a judge will determine if she is the same suspect wanted for the Toppenish incidents.

August 25 is his hearing before the judge. If it is determined that she is the suspect, YCSO officials will travel to California to retrieve her.

Suspect wanted for sexual misconduct with students

As we reported on August 2, Cerna was charged with sexual misconduct with a minor and supplying alcohol to minors. Excerpt from our August 2 report:

“Cerna is accused of having a sexual relationship with a male student when he was 17. He told investigators that she visited his apartment two days before her graduation in 2020, she became flirtatious and told them eventually taken to a baseball diamond where they had sex in his car.”

The investigation is considered long by Yakima officials.

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