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These are the most engaged campuses for the student vote

With the midterm elections over, higher education institutions should be credited for encouraging their students to take advantage of their constitutional right to vote.

This year’s election saw the second highest youth turnout for a midterm election in the past 30 years, as noted by the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge. Their participation helped influence the results of several major races, including those in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin.

ALL IN seeks to encourage participation in local, state, and federal elections while challenging college campuses to set an expectation for its students that voting should become the social norm. Nearly 1,000 higher education establishments are partners of the organization.

394 colleges were recognized for participating in the Campus Democracy Challenge for their efforts to increase voter registration, education, and nonpartisan student engagement. This year’s winners come from 44 states and the District of Columbia, including a diverse mix of higher education institutions, including 94 minority-serving institutions, seven HBCUs, 63 Hispanic-serving colleges, and 68 community colleges.

“The research is clear: Colleges and universities that make intentional efforts to increase nonpartisan democratic engagement have higher campus enrollment and voter turnout rates,” said Jennifer Domagal-Goldman, executive director of the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge. “Despite continuing obstacles, these campuses have remained true to their commitment to ensuring that their students are informed and confident voters.”

Institutions that have been recognized have met the following four requirements: participate in the challenge, share their 2020 Learning Voting and Engagement National Study Report with Campus Voting Data, develop and submit a Democratic Commitment 2022 and have a current higher education signer of the organization. Presidents’ commitment to full student electoral participation.

This year set the record for the most campus action plans submitted.

View the full list of recognized colleges here.

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