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Transfer Student Center Hosts National Transfer Student Week Events: Scary Painting

The UC Santa Barbara Transfer Student Center hosted a social event for transfer students to paint a canvas of their choice on October 19 to celebrate National Transfer Student Week.

“I like working at [Transfer Student Center (TSC)] because I want to give back to transfer students,” said Darwin Lopez, second-year global studies major and peer educator.

Lopez said he loves seeing students walk in as strangers and then leave events as a group to have a meal together.

To celebrate National Transfer Student Week, the TSC has been hosting events since October 18 and will continue its festivities until October 21. They also gave out free Class of 2022 water bottles.

TSC’s goal is to help transfer students adapt to campus as easily as possible. Due to the impact of COVID-19 on individual social skills, Lopez believes transfer students are deeply affected by the transition.

“The students don’t really know each other [or] what resources do they have [and are] not yet familiar with the campus itself in their freshman year,” Lopez said.

The TSC encourages students to use their resources to their maximum potential and take advantage of all the opportunities the campus has to offer, academically and socially.

“I’ve promoted a lot of the events that we have so far,” Lopez said. “For example, the Halloween one today. We host an open house for transfer students, workshops for UCDC and study abroad, and a graduate information session. Overall, we just want to provide support. This is a safe space for transfer students and we don’t just want to emphasize this with words, but show it through the events we organize.