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Tuition Increase Pending Board Approval | News

Tuition fees may increase by 5% for the 2022-23 fiscal year.

The fee increase is subject to approval by the SIU Board of Directors at its meeting on Thursday, April 28. The student government also voted in favor of the increase at its meeting in the Senate, but the vote was not binding; only the Board of Trustees can decide on the increase in contributions.

If approved, tuition would increase from $103.20 per credit hour to $108.20 per credit hour. For an average undergraduate taking 15 hours, that works out to an extra $75 per semester.

Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs Jeffrey Waple said the proposed increase is necessary to maintain current operations in the face of upcoming minimum wage increases, inflation and allow for expansion of some services.

Fees for health and counseling services are rising to account for inflation and staff turnover, as well as to stay competitive with market rates for counselors, Waple said. Waple also hopes this proposed fee increase will allow the council to offer more telehealth appointments at more times. Among other changes:

Waple said the administration has offered a raise every year, but the past two years they’ve been turned down by the board.

“We hope that the current increase, although very small, will be sustained,” Waple said. “And if it’s not, we’ll go back and re-examine it again and see what we can do.”

With this increase, SIUE tuition and fees would remain the lowest among public universities in Illinois.