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Turkish university suspends student for protesting sky-high tuition fees

Duvar English

Istanbul-based Doğuş University has suspended a student for one semester for protesting the exorbitant increase in tuition fees amounting to 300%, according to information from online newspaper Diken.

Doğuş University students staged protests last month, saying, “We are not customers, but students.” University management initially said tuition fees would increase by 5-10%, but later increased them by around 300%.

In the face of protests, the university stepped back and implemented a 79.6% increase in tuition fees, the amount of the annual inflation rate announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK).

But the university management did not back down from its oppression against students and launched investigations against 14 students for their participation in protests.

One of these investigations was finalized on September 8, and the student named Kıvılcım Çolak received a one-semester suspension as part of a disciplinary sanction.

The university management accused the student of “invading the university and engaging in actions that impede the establishment’s services”.

Kıvılcım Çolak said that he had simply used his constitutionally guaranteed right and that his actions could not be considered an “invasion” as defined by the university management. “This decision will of course be challenged by the court. As students, we will not be silent and afraid. We will continue our fight,” he said.

Investigations against the other 13 students are continuing.