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Warrick County schools end parent-student lunches

In a letter to parents Tuesday, the Warrick County School Corporation announced a new safety policy that ends parents’ ability to stop by school and eat lunch with their children.

The letter, written by Dr Walter Lambert, the society’s director of student services, said the decision was made by the society after consultation “with the Warrick County School Safety Board, which is made up of the forces of the local order, emergency management and school personnel.” The letter cited the shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas, in late May and the Society’s top priority of keeping students safe while they attended the courses as a basis for implementing the new policy.

Our schools have discussed this issue extensively over the summer and while we will miss the opportunity to see parents having lunch with their children, our safety protocols require us to limit the number of people in our cafeterias.

The letter also says parents will still be allowed to check in on their students during the day to take them to lunch at another location.

New Warrick County Schools Safety Policy no longer allows parents to accompany students to their classroom

Father walking to school with children


In addition to ending parent-student lunches inside school buildings, the new policy also states that parents will no longer be allowed to accompany their children to their classrooms.

At the start of the 2022-2023 school year, the corporation decided that schools would no longer allow parents to accompany their children to classrooms on the first day of school. This past practice was only possible if schools could let everyone through the doors without going through our check-in process. Schools will continue to screen anyone who wishes to enter the school after the front office, but this action will also be severely limited.

Although the new policy may bother some parents, it is clear that the Society gave it serious consideration and felt it was a necessary precaution in order to continue to fulfill its responsibility to maintain such a safe environment. as possible for all students.

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