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Western Michigan University’s new student center will have a brewery

KALAMAZOO, Michigan – Western Michigan University is making room for a new student center right in the heart of the Kalamazoo campus.

the new student center at Western Michigan University (WMU) is just part of the Hilltop Village Development, which began construction about a year and a half ago.

As it takes shapestudents say they are already anticipating its opening.

“With the Bernhard Center aging, it will be nice to have a fresh new building. I mean you can see how modern it looks, and the new food center will be nice too,” said Drew Beckman , a freshman at Western Michigan University.

The new student center is located right in the heart of the Western Michigan University campus and will offer a number of amenities, services and gathering spaces.

“I think having a food center in the middle of campus will really bring a lot of people together. Obviously having a new student center where everyone can gravitate together will also be great, especially for new students.” said Will Brandt, another freshman at Western Michigan University.

The 165,000 square foot student center will replace the Bernhard Center, which averaged more than 6,000 people a day, before COVID.

“The Bernhard Center was built in 1957, and it has really outlived itself. It has served us well, but it’s time for a new building that better meets the needs of our students today,” the director said. from the Bernhard Center at Western Michigan University. Paul Terzino.

The $96 million building will include more dining options, study spaces, meeting rooms, a bank, game rooms, the bookstore and even the admissions office.

It will also include a 3,000 square foot craft brewery, which will serve local craft beers, wine and food.

“Western’s doesn’t, or any student center in Michigan that we know of, has anything like this. One of the reasons we do this is really unique, and I think it’s going to put us on the map in the We also have a sustainable brewing program on campus, so we can showcase our students’ work in the pub,” Terzino said.

The brasserie will also be able to accommodate large gatherings and will even offer entertainment on certain evenings by WMU students.

The entire design of the building focuses on inclusiveness and welcoming all who use it, especially students.

“I think that can really be a central focus for all the things that are going on like meetings, eating, studying and congregating in the pub,” Terzino said.

WMU said it plans to open the building by late summer next year and have its grand opening in fall 2022.

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