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What the official reopening of the Schine Student Center looked like for students

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Otto the Orange ran inside the newly renovated Schine Student Center, greeting students, faculty and staff who flocked to the building on Monday, the day it officially opened.

The building, which was originally scheduled to open last fall, was filled with orange and blue balloons and Syracuse University events staff. Despite social distancing guidelines, students in the lobby and dining hall lined up to try out the student center’s new restaurants. Schine has four floors, with the campus restaurants and bookstore all located on the second floor.

In addition to the restaurants, there is also a convenience store located on the first floor of the building. In various parts of the student center, students are asked to follow social distancing guidelines by limiting the number of people per seating arrangement.

Currently, the building is open 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Going forward, the building will be open to students 24/7.

Maya Goosman | Digital Design Editor

For students accustomed to the original Schine dedicated in 1985, the new building is a change. SU Mason Malsegna occasionally came to Schine for events, to pick up food, or to visit the campus store.

After seeing Schine for the first time today, Malsegna said it felt less “archaic” and more open with the renovations. He sees more people using the space than before.

SU sophomore Briana Gilyard said the new space was “worth our money”. Despite this, she is concerned about social distancing, especially in the dining room.

“In dining rooms, people tend to linger and not wear masks, and so I feel like if people eat and leave, that’s better than staying and eating. linger,” Gilyard said.


Schine was originally scheduled to reopen last semester. Emilie Steinberger | photo editor

Several students took advantage of the first and third floors, choosing to take their lessons on Zoom in the comfort of new furniture and light-filled spaces. Others have preferred to work on the ground floor of Schine, lit by a light that spells out “Underground,” which provides a darker, more basement-like ambiance.

Syracuse event staff and representatives from the Student Activities Office toured the building and directed people to different restaurants in the dining hall. They also handed out pre-packaged blue and orange cookies to students at the door.

CoreLife Eatery was one of the most popular dining options, with a line extending into the building’s main lobby.

Sophomore Veronica San Antonio said she expects CoreLife Eatery to be very popular and hopes the lines will calm down as the semester progresses.

“I’ve seen a few people I already know, so (it’s) a new place to hang out and there are a lot of new dining options that I’m excited about,” San Antonio said. “It’s just a very long line.”

SU closed and limited the hours of many other cafes on campus to move restaurant workers to Schine.

Lauren Goodyear, an SU junior, works at Starbucks in the West Campus building and said they are one of the only cafes open right now. The school is moving some operations from other on-campus cafes, like Pages Cafe at Bird Library, to Schine to consolidate on-campus dining options, Goodyear said.

“I see myself doing a lot of work here and definitely eating and it’s becoming the nice little center of middle campus,” Goodyear said, “the way it’s meant to be.”

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