Student management

You can make $50 an hour as a Stanford student’s assistant

For $50 an hour, you can be a personal assistant to a “wealthy” Stanford student, which sounds like a good job if you can get it.

Read more of the job listing, however, and you’ll find what appears to be essentially a butler or parent figure position. The list was published by Lambent, a “niche recruitment firm focused on personal and executive assistants”. A Lambent representative confirmed the genuineness of the job offer to SFGATE.

The job listing was posted on March 24 on Indeed and has since gone viral on Twitter for the strenuous demands needed to be that person’s personal assistant.

“A student living close to campus seeks support in her personal life and in running the house,” the list begins innocently enough. The dream candidate should be “kind, compassionate, and patient, with their own sense of authority.” You must also “anticipate and solve problems without explicit direction”. (It should be noted that the $50 an hour pay rate is an increase of $5 an hour from when the post first went viral on Wednesday.)

The display gets weirder as you read. Not only do you have to run errands, manage the person’s schedule, and drive them around town, but you also have to take their cat to the vet and be their liaison with their owner and the “contractors/repairers.”

You must also have “previous experience assisting a wealthy individual” – so no one who primarily interacts with middle or working class people should apply. And you need to be that person’s therapist, or at the very least “naturally provide emotional support.” You are also on call.

In addition to all the above requirements, you must have a university degree.

The listing, naturally, was pilloried on Twitter, with one person expressing skepticism about a position with “high hourly rates for part-time work” and another writing that this job posting “should be an expellable offence”.

But people also defended the listing for its hypothetically outstanding salary (you’re looking at $52,000 a year for a part-time position, assuming you regularly work 20 hours a week) and the fact that it’s the “least worst job offer”. for a caregiver post that went viral on Twitter. Which is fair: at least this post isn’t as ridiculous as that list of Silicon Valley nanny jobs from a few years ago.