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Do you…

  • want to leave a lasting legacy at UHCL?
  • spruce up your CV with an impactful learning experience?
  • develop their critical thinking and managerial skills through a long-term project?
  • volunteer your time as an active member of the Hawk community?

You are invited to join the UHCL Student Center Planning Team! The Student Center Planning Team is a group of students and staff who will lay the groundwork for building a future student center on campus!

What is a student center?

A student center, or student union, is the center of student life on a college campus. On most campuses, the student center provides meeting and event space for student organizations, a sense of community for people from diverse backgrounds, and dining and entertainment for student use.

What will the student center planning team do?

Members of this team will help research the needs of the student center, determine the type of programs and services that will be offered, and contribute to the artistic design of the student center.

Planning team members will serve from March 2022 to May 2023. Members will be required to work 3-5 hours per week on a variety of duties which may include:

  • Regular participation in meetings with the planning team and external partners (architects, engineers, lawyers, suppliers, etc.).
  • Provide feedback via email and other platforms on designs and core elements.
  • Collaborate with university staff and administrators to plan various aspects of the proposed student center.
  • Conduct outreach activities to solicit student feedback and participation.
  • Visit other student centers on campus.

Why should I join this team?

By participating in this team, students will be able to:

  • Engage in high-impact experiential learning to challenge their classroom experience.
  • Play an essential role in the operation and development of the UHCL student center.
  • Develop skills in communication, accessibility and sustainability.
  • Serve and network with leaders across UHCL, UH System and the Houston community.

If I am not part of this team, can I still give my opinion on the student center?

Yes! The team will collect student feedback through surveys, student government, focus groups, and other formats to ensure that a range of student voices are considered throughout this process.

Establish your legacy at UHCL and be part of the student center planning team!

Submit your interest form today!

The seats are limited. Complete interest form by visiting this link:

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